Battle Infinity: The One-Stop Shop for Crypto and Gaming
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Battle Infinity: The One-Stop Shop for Crypto and Gaming

The intersection of blockchain and cryptocurrency has turned out to be a real smasher, as an increasing legion of gamblers considers using crypto gaming. Similar to the various coveted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., another emerging crypto coin, which is Battle Infinity, has started resonating with crypto gamblers effectively.

Battle Infinity’s core offerings

Battle Infinity’s core offerings revolve around fantasy sports, gaming, NFTs, and the BATL token. The fantasy sports platform allows users to build teams of real athletes and compete for prizes and bragging rights against other fans. Participants can buy and sell athletes as tradeable NFT collectibles. There are plans to expand beyond just sports into broader fantasy leagues around TV shows, movies, and other interests.

BATL utility token

At the heart of the experience is the BATL utility token. BATL serves as the currency to participate in battles, purchase NFTs, and claim rewards. 100% of the BATL supply was minted at genesis, with 50% allocated to ecosystem incentives and locked for one year. The deflationary dynamics are designed to appreciate BATL value long-term as demand rises within the ecosystem.

Battle Infinity’s aim

Battle Infinity also aims to be a one-stop shop for all things crypto and gaming. There is a decentralized exchange for swapping cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The NFT marketplace allows creators to mint and sell digital art and collectibles with low fees. And the Battle Academy serves as an educational platform with courses on crypto, NFTs, GameFi, and more.

Battle Infinity’ team

The team has an aggressive roadmap through 2023 including console, PC, and mobile game integrations, virtual reality battles, branching into AI-generated NFTs, and launching an IBATL token for interoperability between multiple blockchains. There are also plans for offline live events such as esports tournaments and conferences.

Battle Infinity’s token pre-sale in early 2022

Battle Infinity completed a successful token pre-sale in early 2022, raising over $1.5 million. This provided crucial early stage funding to develop the ecosystem. After launch, BATL price saw early volatility before stabilizing around $0.015. As the team executes on the roadmap, BATL price could potentially rise dramatically in response to platform growth and demand.

Battle Infinity brings the hottest crypto and gaming trends under one roof

While significant challenges remain, Battle Infinity brings together some of the hottest crypto and gaming trends under one roof. Fantasy sports is a proven model to attract mainstream users to blockchain. Integrating NFTs and the utility BATL token provides new revenue streams and incentives. And the all-encompassing ecosystem approach taps into multiple growth markets at once.

Addition: Expanding the Metaverse

Battle Infinity has plans to expand beyond gaming into a broader metaverse play. This includes building out 3D virtual worlds for socializing, virtual concerts, and branded partnerships. Users will be able to customize avatars, purchase virtual real estate NFTs, and explore partnerships with VR hardware companies. Tapping into the hype around metaverses provides another potential growth channel.

With the right execution, Battle Infinity could become a fixture at the intersection of crypto and gaming. The project offers an easy entry point for new users into Web3 through familiar fantasy sports concepts. Meanwhile, the extensive roadmap provides longtime crypto enthusiasts plenty to look forward to with high-upside potential. If the team can deliver on this ambitious vision, BATL could emerge as one of the standout utility tokens of 2023 and beyond.

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