_Biden administration implements measures to protect the public from AI-related risks.-min
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Biden administration implements measures to protect the public from AI-related risks.

-The White House has just released its first all-inclusive AI governance policy, mandating the appointment of AI heads in federal agencies, disclosure of AI use cases, and public safety measures.

The White House has unveiled its first comprehensive policy framework for managing the risks and responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI) across federal agencies. The new rules mandate that agencies ramp up reporting on their AI use cases and implement measures to mitigate potential risks posed by AI systems.

According to a March 28th White House memorandum, federal agencies must appoint a chief AI officer within 60 days to lead AI governance efforts. Agencies will also be required to disclose their AI use cases through a public AI inventory and put in place specific guardrails to protect the public’s rights and safety when using AI applications.

The AI governance policy directly implements a key part of President Joe Biden’s executive order on AI from last October. In a call with reporters, Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized that as AI capabilities rapidly advance, the technology’s risks must be proactively managed across the federal government.

While seeking to harness AI’s potential benefits, the Biden administration remains wary of the evolving societal risks as AI systems become more powerful and ubiquitous. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo lays out the administration’s initial framework for safe and ethical AI adoption.

However, certain government AI use cases, such as those involving national security matters at the Department of Defense, will be exempt from public disclosure requirements if revealing such information would violate existing laws or policies.

By December 1st, agencies must establish specific safeguards and opt-out abilities for public-facing AI systems that could impact American citizens’ rights or safety. For example, the memo suggests travelers should be able to opt out of facial recognition technologies used by the Transportation Security Administration.

The White House policy is a key first step towards more robust governance of AI risks as the government works to keep pace with the transformative capabilities of these emerging technologies.

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