Bitcoin price soared and reached the highest level since 2021
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Bitcoin price soared and reached the highest level since 2021

-Like most cryptocurrencies, both Bitcoin and Ethereum traded higher this Thursday morning.

Cryptocurrencies extended their gains this Thursday, February 15, and raised the global market capitalization by 1.9% in the last 24 hours; which translates into an approximate valuation of US$2.05 billion.

In parallel, Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded the price of $52,000; a figure that has not been seen since 2021 and that some analysts expect to continue growing while waiting for the next halving.

This is an event scheduled for April 2024 that halves the reward miners receive for confirming transactions on the BTC network. It happens approximately every four years and has the ultimate goal of regulating the supply of the star token, causing the supply of new coins to become more limited over time.

Bitcoin (BTC), the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency on the market, quickly broke free from the $51,000 it saw yesterday and began trading around $ 52,307.

Thus, in the last 24 hours, the currency grew by 1.4% in terms of its price. While its market capitalization continued the upward trend, BTC trading volume fell by almost 12%.

Ethereum price today: how much is it trading at this Thursday, February 15

Like its largest trading pair, Ethereum (ETH) also traded higher this Thursday morning. Specifically, the price of the second most relevant cryptocurrency on the market rose by 1.3% and was around US$2,790 on the last day.

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