Bitcoin shoots up 19% and once again exceeds 20,000 euros in value amid global
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Bitcoin shoots up 19% and once again exceeds 20,000 euros in value amid global fear of banking collapses

The digital currency is recovering from two setbacks that have led to a general decline in the sector.

The rise and fall of cryptocurrencies is something we are already used to. It is undeniable that the most popular is Bitcoin, but it is not immune to these sudden changes. Now, it is experiencing its greatest growth so far this year, with an increase of almost 19% in its value.

The digital currency had suffered two problems recently: the fall of Silvergate, which affected it immediately, and that of SVB Financial. After the sharp falls that occurred, Bitcoin began to rise little by little, and from Saturday to Sunday, it had a revaluation of more than 4%.

However, the stabilization has been more noticeable today, when the rise has reached 18.97% (at the time of writing this article it was 18.30%, a little less). This increase has made BTC exceed $24,000 in value, which is equivalent to more than 22,300 euros. This news is good news if we take into account that just three days ago it fell below $20,000 for the first time since January. Furthermore, it coincides with a day of panic on the world stock markets: European stock markets are falling, weighed down by banks, and on Wall Street, there are several banks that record falls of up to 75%.

There are other cryptocurrencies that are also increasing in value, such as Ethereum, which is now at $1,683.54 (+14.05%); or Litecoin, which is at $82.35 and has a rise percentage of 19.42%

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