British Court Halts £6M of Craig Wright’s Assets in Response to Bitcoin Creator Allegation
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British Court Halts £6M of Craig Wright’s Assets in Response to Bitcoin Creator Allegation

-The judge approved the ‘global freezing order’ requested by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) to cover COPA’s cumulative court costs totaling $8,471,225 (£6,703,747.91).

The UK court ruling that has now seen Wright move several of his assets outside the UK occurred after a previous one failed to affirm he was Nakamoto.

In other words, there is an order from the court against evading payment and freezing of Wright’s assets worth $8,471,225 (£6,703,747.91) for Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA). Founded in 2020 with Coinbase, Block and Kraken as members among others, COPA is a group focused on driving cryptocurrency adoption and innovation.

Wright had previously attempted to claim copyrights over the Bitcoin network and its contents, demanding Bitcoin white paper be removed from websites based on his assumption of being Satoshi. COPA sued him over these assertions; however, in March 2023 judges ruled that Wright was most probably an imposter.

Concerns raised after Wright transferred shares of his London company to a Singaporean entity regarding whether he was attempting to avoid costs related to defeat in the action against COPA led to this freezing order. The judge allowed COPA’s request for a “worldwide freezing order” designed to secure costs.

These copyright claims by Wright concerning Satoshi Nakamoto have been highly controversial and viewed skeptically throughout the wider Bitcoin community as well as by early bitcoin developers themselves. This recent court judgment plus the asset freeze represent serious backsliding on Wright’s campaign for Bitcoin intellectual property ownership.

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