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Beware of This New Scam to Invest in Cryptocurrencies Using Celebrities as Bait

-The scam impersonates the newspaper El País, in which fake cryptocurrency investments are published using alleged testimonials from celebrities.


Cryptocurrency Scam Alert: Celeb Bait Investments

The Internet Security Office (OSI) has detected an impersonation campaign from the El País newspaper with a false article in which false cryptocurrency investments are published with alleged testimonies from celebrities.

This article says that certain celebrities have made a lot of money thanks to an investment in cryptocurrencies. In addition, the scam comes through fraudulent links that are received in the email inbox from known contacts.

The message is sent without a subject, and the body contains a URL that is redirected to the fake news, taking into account that the email mailboxes from which the phishing is sent come from records of victims who have fallen for the fraud and have provided their data.

If the Internet user clicks on the link in the email, he or she is redirected to the website that impersonates El País newspaper. When clicking anywhere on the page, the URL always redirects to the same website, which has a registration form that requests personal information, such as name, surname, email, and telephone number.

Once the form is completed, the website redirects to a third page that asks to reset the email password. The OSI continues that if a person checks the inbox, they will see that an email has arrived from the same entity, welcoming them to the new service to which they have subscribed by filling out the form.

This email shows the credentials entered and requests that the account be activated. Once these steps are completed, the emails will be forwarded through the personal account that impersonates the identity to spread fraud and fake news.

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