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Didit: The ‘Digital Key’ to Access The Entire Internet Without Having to Register Again And Again

-An innovative solution that offers Internet users a unique and universal digital identity.


Gamium, a startup specializing in digital identity technologies, has launched Didit, an innovative solution that offers internet users a unique and universal digital identity. This solution’s main objective is to provide people with greater control over their data and reduce the risks of online fraud.

Didit is a software protocol that uses technologies such as blockchain, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. It acts as an intermediary between users and digital services, providing a layer of identity that can be used throughout the internet. With Didit, users can easily and quickly authenticate across different websites and apps with a single account.

The Root of The Problem– Without Didit

The lack of identification by users has been identified by the company as the common root of many of the current problems on the Internet, including the risk of online fraud. With this in mind, they made giant strides to develop a universal digital identity.

In addition to offering a unique digital identity, Didit allows the connection of the digital wallet with various services, facilitating financial transactions with a single click. It also allows secure data transfer between applications.

Gamium considers the creation of a universal digital identity essential, especially in a context where technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Metaverse are in constant growth and use. According to the company, having a digital identity will be the only secure and reliable way to interact digitally in the future.

Most Critical Problems

Among the most critical problems include the mind-numbing registration process that users confront on a variety of platforms. Furthermore, the management of information and registration data does not always guarantee the privacy of users.

Another challenge they have referred to is the growing number of frauds, thefts, and unauthorized uses of personal and financial data, as well as identity theft. These problems can affect the operation of companies, their trust among customers, their credibility, and even cause economic losses.

Alberto Rosas, co-founder of Gamium, has expressed that the integration of a protocol like Didit for companies that operate online involves optimizing registration processes, providing simple and secure identification of users, as well as offering flexible, instant payment methods that are safe.

The European Union has also supported this initiative. According to the company, the EU has proposed that by 2030, 80% of European citizens should be able to access key public services using their digital identity. Additionally, the development of the Digital Euro as a future form of currency is being explored.

For this reason, Didit already has a digital wallet and signature technology and can easily integrate into third-party applications and websites through its API and an SDK. Didit is open to all users who have at some point, registered a digital wallet.

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