Explosion Alert: Binance to List This New Altcoin!
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Explosion Alert: Binance to List This New Altcoin in 2024

Binance is preparing to list a new altcoin next week and this one comes from a sector that promises to win big.

Crypto games are booming right now and experts believe they will be among the big winners of the year 2024. The phenomenon is not lost on Binance, which opens its arms to the sector by including a token that comes from it.

Binance Will Soon Welcome A New Altcoin

New Altcoin

Following the success of the PIXEL altcoin listing, it is Portal (PORTAL)’s turn to enter the cryptocurrency exchange. The asset will first launch on Binance Lanchpool to give users the opportunity to accumulate as many tokens as possible before trading.

Interested parties can participate by staking their BNB and FDUSD between February 22 and 29. In total, nearly 50,000,000 PORTAL will be allocated during this period.

The result of this week of farming will see Portal listed on Binance on February 29. But be careful, contrary to what is said on social media, no airdrop or distribution group is planned in the process. So beware of scams!

Project information

Backed by the Portal Foundation, the project of the same name is a Web3 video game platform that aims to bring together communities of players, as well as the companies behind them spread across several blockchains .

Portal was created with the aim of bringing together Web3 video games in a huge library but also to facilitate transactions between them or between players by centralizing them in a single site. An initiative made possible thanks to a partnership with the LayerZero interoperability protocol.

The platform’s native token, PORTAL, is used to cover transaction fees but also to purchase Web3 video games on other marketplaces such as MagicEden.

Its holders can also lock it to earn rewards or participate in project governance. A portion of the tokens used for transactions are burned periodically to ensure their stability.

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