Galaxy Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered Crypto Investment Platform
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Galaxy Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered Crypto Investment Platform

Revolutionary AI-driven crypto platform promises intelligent, secure portfolio management.

Arguably, the development of blockchain technology in the rapidly advancing world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now seen as vital to address issues on security, privacy and centralization. Outlier Ventures’ research lead, Jasper De Maere has highlighted this blend as a way of maximizing AI application while reducing its weaknesses.

De Maere underscores that even though AI possesses incredible abilities, there are concerns surrounding data privacy, vulnerabilities in security and excessive centralization in the web2 era. As such, we can phase into another level of the internet that addresses these problems by combining the power of AI with decentralized ness and transparency that lies at the heart of blockchain technology.

The fusion between AI and blockchain also holds promise especially when it is related to protecting intellectual property rights particularly for art generated through AI systems. When fully rendered artwork emerges from an AI program within seconds using text prompts and largely employing existing professional art works or photographs; however, there is a risk that it may infringe on original artists’ copyright.

To protect these rights, De Maere suggests incorporating blockchain as a transparent and immutable database for maintaining information concerning intellectual property. In other words, the register would contain all relevant data spanning across the creation of an item up to royalty payments made by subsequent owners thus guaranteeing authenticity as well as integrity since compromised entries cannot be inserted.

De Maere distinguishes between current fragmented databases siloed in IP protection and the open-source nature of blockchains which is more suitable for information dissemination since everyone can interact with it freely unlike others. Combining both strengths helps us increase safety levels concerning privacy issues while making such advanced technologies accessible to many users thereby paving way towards a fairer digital future in which democratic access becomes possible to cutting edge technologies too.

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