Hacktivists' Prank Call
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A group of ‘hacktivists’ develops a website to make prank calls to Russian politicians and military personnel

-When the call is made, 40 random numbers are dialed, two lines are merged, and a spambot controls the signal.


Web of Jokes: Hacktivists’ Prank Calls Hit Russia Hard!

A group of international hacktivists has developed a website where users can access the phone numbers of Russian politicians and military personnel.

The page has been named WasteRussianTime.today, the objective is to make calls to annoy the Russian state. On the web, people can click a button and they will scroll through a filtered list of government and military numbers.

Shera (creator of the site) tells Wired that “this war started inside Moscow and St. Petersburg, inside Putin’s circle of power, and that is what we want to upset.”

The website stores “the phone numbers of thousands of Duma employees, Ministry of War and Economy employees, mid-level administrators and high-ranking politicians of Russia.” Likewise, hacktivists demand more numbers to expand the database.

Those users who enter the site and use the service will not speak directly with Russian officials. When a call is initiated, 40 of the stored numbers are dialed at random, and the moment two of them answer, they are merged into a three-way call, and a spambot controls the call to annoy the Russians.

Callers cannot speak; they only listen. On the other hand, Wired notes that the hacktivists “realized that most visitors could not speak Russian, and the calls could create security problems.”

Shera adds that “many of the numbers have already been leaked and are public to varying degrees. But more generally, if the project’s effect is little more than a joke, so be it. We want to do our part and upset the Russian military-industrial complex. And make people laugh a little.”

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