How do you predict if a crypto will go up or down
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How Do You Predict If A Crypto Will Go Up Or Down? Through Excel In A Simple Way

-Build an Excel sheet following these steps to easily check the evolution of the cryptocurrencies you have invested from your desktop.

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, it is very important that you keep good control of all your investments and that you can do this in the simplest way possible so that you can see your evolution.

When you have to keep track of several cryptocurrencies at the same time, it is very important that you pay close attention to Binance, which allows you to see how your cryptocurrencies rise or fall from Excel.

It is true that right now in this market currencies lose more value every day, but despite this, many people want to always have their value updated to be able to know when is the best time to buy or sell.

To build your Excel sheet you must follow a few simple steps. The first of all is to open the document and copy this Binance API:

Once we have the Excel sheet open we must click on ‘Data’, then we will look for the option to ‘Get data’, ‘From other sources’ and finally ‘From the web’.

Step 1.Excel

Next, a box will appear where we must paste the link that we have provided in the previous paragraph

Step 2.Excel

When we have done this, a new window will appear very similar to the one in the image and we will have to look for the ‘To the table’ option. If we have done everything correctly, the ‘Accept’ option will appear where we must click.

Step 3.Excel

The next step we must follow is to click on column 1 and click on the arrows that appear next to it so that a new window appears and we can select the cryptocurrency parameters.

Step 4.Excel

Although it may seem complicated, the next thing we will have to do is change the ‘Price’ column and for them we will go to the menu and choose the ‘Data types’ option followed by ‘Decimal number’.

Step 5.Excel

In this step we will have to select the cryptocurrencies that interest us, although the best thing in this case is the ‘Select all’ option and choose the ones we want.

In this specific case we have chosen a total of five cryptocurrencies and once we have them selected we must return to the menu and look for the ‘Close and load in’ option so that we can choose where to save our Excel sheet.

Step 6.Excel

If we have followed all the steps and we have done it well, we will now have our updated Excel sheet and we will be able to check the evolution of our cryptocurrencies without the need for third-party applications or websites, but rather we will do it directly from our desktop.

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