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How to Recover Your World ID – Regaining Access to Your Digital Identity

What is World ID?

World ID is a unique identifier created when signing up for Worldcoin using iris scanning. The Orb device maps your iris patterns to generate the ID without capturing any images. It is stored encrypted on the blockchain.

Why Recover World ID?

There are a few reasons you may need to recover your World ID:

  • To access Worldcoin services if you lost your wallet or device.
  • Regaining access to your free token airdrops or other assets tied to your ID.
  • Fixing issues with verification if your scans did not properly register your ID.
  • Letting you log in across new devices by retrieving your existing ID.
  • Proof of identity is required if attempting to demonstrate that you have already signed up.

Risks of Losing World ID

The risks of losing your World ID include:

  • Missing out on any future airdrops of Worldcoin tokens
  • Difficulty interfacing with any other services utilizing World ID
  • Requiring to redo the iris scan process to obtain a new ID from scratch

Avoiding Loss from the Start

When first signing up, take the following steps to avoid ever needing recovery:

  • Record your World ID somewhere secure, like a password manager
  • Save copies of confirmation emails/notifications with the ID
  • Enable two-factor authentication for any associated accounts
  • Use a hardware wallet and safely store the recovery phrase

How to Recover Your Worldcoin ID?

If you lost access to your World ID, here are some recovery options:

  • Contact Worldcoin Support: Reach out to Worldcoin’s support team via email or live chat on their website. Provide any identifying details like airdrop dates or wallet addresses used. Support can look up your account and ID.
  • Review Sign-Up Records: Check emails or texts around the time you completed Worldcoin registration. Sign-up confirmation messages often include the new World ID for records.
  • Scan Iris Again: If needed, redo the iris scan process through the Orb. Your existing ID will be detected on the blockchain when scanning again. This re-links you to the same ID.
  • Use Wallet Recovery Phrase: For software wallets like MetaMask, utilize the recovery phrase to restore your wallet, which connects to your Worldcoin ID. Take precautions when entering the phrase.
  • Consult Orb Operator: If signing up at a physical event, the Orb operator may have records matching iris scans to generate IDs that day. Ask for their assistance in identifying your account.
  • Formal Identity Verification: As a last resort, Worldcoin can formally verify identity through government IDs, video calls, etc. This confirms you as the legitimate holder of a lost ID. But it exposes more personal data.
  • Avoiding Future World ID Loss: Going forward, be proactive to avoid repeat World ID recovery:
  • Back up the ID in multiple secure locations, both digital and physical.
  • Use a password manager or other methods to store any login details safely.
  • Enable login notifications to detect unauthorized access attempts.

Consider tattooing your World ID as a permanent body backup (not recommended, but an option).

With preparation, vigilance, and utilizing Worldcoin’s recovery procedures, you can reclaim lost access while safeguarding your World ID into the future. Protect your place in the Worldcoin ecosystem. Your World ID enables access to the Worldcoin ecosystem. Protect it like the valuable asset it is through robust backup and security habits. With diligence, you can avoid the hassles of World ID recovery down the road.

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