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Learn about the 3 most curious cryptocurrency price prediction methods for the value of cryptocurrencies

Not all community participants use classic market analysis tools to predict the price movements of the cryptocurrencies of interest. Some representatives of the crypto industry resort to less conventional methods.

We tell you how enthusiasts guess prices through the Moon, how Tarot cards replace technical analysis, and what artificial intelligence has to do with it.

· Some investors use the phases of the Moon to guess cryptocurrency prices.

· Other market participants use Tarot card signals.

· A group of investors tries to predict market movements using artificial intelligence.

Let us discuss the 3 most curious ways to help predict the price of cryptocurrencies below:

Phases of the Moon and the Price of Bitcoin

Some members of the crypto community believe that the behavior of the digital asset market is correlated with the lunar phases.

In his opinion, Bitcoin’s rising periods usually coincide with new moons. The full moon, according to this logic, is, on the contrary, a sign that the market will soon enter a decline.

Proponents of the theory that lunar phases affect the digital asset market share information about the position of the celestial body with their subscribers:

Tarot cards to predict the price of cryptocurrencies

In October 2023, information appeared online about another non-standard method of predicting the price behavior of some cryptocurrency of interest: divination with Tarot cards. The scheme is particularly popular in Thailand.

Tarot analysts gain a large audience with whom they share the “signs” received during card readings.

These designs, among other things, can be found on Russian-speaking Internet sites. For example, a fortune teller named Alena makes a spread to predict Bitcoin movements in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

Amid the hype around ChatGPT, many members of the crypto community discovered another way to predict market movements: using artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, such forecasts have many shortcomings. First, chatbots may resort to outdated or inaccurate information.

Secondly, the effectiveness of such forecasts has not been demonstrated. Lastly, the cryptocurrency market can be unpredictable.

Do you have anything to say about curious ways to predict the price of cryptocurrencies? Simply let us know.

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