Meta is working on an alternative to Twitter: the P92 project, a decentralized social network
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Meta is working on an alternative to Twitter: the P92 project, a decentralized social network

The P92 team wants to use the data of all Instagram users to analyze, improve and classify the new social network’s products.

Meta is developing an independent text-based social network that will be the next rival to Twitter and Mastodon.

Moneycontrol indicates that the platform “will be branded by Instagram and will allow users to register/log in to the app through their Instagram credentials. It is unclear if this app, codenamed P92 , is still in the idea stage or if development has begun. A source close to the development said it is still a work in progress.”

Responding to this statement, a Meta spokesperson confirmed to Moneycontrol that “we are exploring an independent decentralized social network for sharing text updates. We believe there is an opportunity to create a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests. “.

On the other hand, the decentralized part of this social network will be compatible with the Activity Pub protocol, just like Mastodon.

Possible features

Users will be able to share posts with people on other servers. Preview links, biography, name, verification badges, images, and videos will be disseminated in the initial version; the numbers of followers and likes will be displayed; and it is not yet clear whether Internet users will be able to comment and send messages in the first version.

Money control adds that “the P92 team plans to follow the forking approach with the MVP (minimum viable product), so users will initially register and log into the app with their Instagram login information and their profile will be will filled in your account details (e.g., name, username, bio, profile photo, followers).”

The platform will be offered under the company’s existing privacy policy, with a complementary policy and specific terms of service that will mention data sharing between applications. In addition, interested parties will have to accept the terms when they register in P92.

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