Meta payment verification program for Facebook and Instagram
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Meta payment verification program for Facebook and Instagram reaches more countries for $12 a month

The owner of the company announced that Meta Verified would be tested first in Australia and New Zealand and, after a month, the novelty has reached the United States.

Mark Zuckerberg announced in mid-February that he would begin testing a payment option on Facebook and Instagram. The incentive for users to subscribe to the premium version was going to be the possibility of verifying their accounts and making them more secure, something that he copied from Elon Musk’s idea with Twitter Blue.

The function was first applied in Australia and New Zealand and, after a month in beta phase in oceanic countries, the measure has reached the United States. According to the owner of the platforms, purchasing the blue verification badge will allow users to have “proactive protection against identity theft” and direct access to customer support.

Internet users who opt for this novelty have two options: pay 12 dollars per month on the web, or 15 dollars per month through iOS or Android and become Meta Verified. However, in the US, this advantage for paying users will have more limitations than in Oceania. For example, in North American countries, they will not have greater visibility.

Unlike Twitter Blue, blue verification on Instagram and Facebook is not only achieved by paying a subscription. In order to be a premium user of Meta’s social networks, Internet users must meet two requirements: be of legal age and have two-factor authentication enabled.

As seen in Meta Verified in Australia and New Zealand, subscribers will lose verification if they change their name or profile photo or their date of birth. If they want to recover this mark, they must go through the same procedure again.

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