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Phishing attacks reach the Metaverse

-The Metaverse platform Roblox is positioned as the eighth brand that cybercriminals impersonate the most, according to CheckPoint Research.


Metaverse Security Alert: Phishing Hits Roblox

The metaverse has had a considerable boom after Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of the name of his parent company to Meta, in a clear attempt to focus on this concept of a digital world. Since then, experts have begun to warn of an increase in phishing attacks related to these virtual spaces.

An investigation by Check Point Research states that one of the platforms most affected by cyber phishing attacks is Metaverse Roblox. According to their report, it is the eighth brand that hackers have impersonated the most to scam people during this last quarter.

Initially, phishing campaigns that impersonate Metaverse Roblox represent 3% of this type of cyber scam. However, it is already evident that scammers are interested in imitating it by entering the top 10 of the most copied companies.

“In the metaverse, fraud and phishing attacks could come from a familiar face such as an avatar posing as your coworker, rather than a misleading domain name or email address,” the company emphasizes. cybersecurity – These types of threats could be decisive for companies if action is not taken now.”

Some of the scams that are being carried out consist of sending fraudulent emails that appear to be written by the brand itself or by one of its partners. In this way, they try to trick the user into clicking on malicious links or files.

When victims access fake or malware websites, they provide their data to scammers. Using this information, cybercriminals can enter your Metaverse accounts and systems and steal banking credentials.

The case of Bored Ape Yacht Club

At the beginning of this year, the case of scammers who claimed that users could use Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs as avatars became very popular. Supposedly, they just had to enter a link and connect their MetaMask digital wallets.

Many users fell into the trap and allowed cybercriminals access to their crypto wallets.

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