Mirror World Introduces Solana's First Gaming Rollup Platform
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Mirror World Introduces Solana’s First Gaming Rollup Platform

Mirror World’s software kit enables Solana games to process “millions of requests” rapidly.

Solana has announced the launch of a novel computation engine called “Sonic” that aims to boost gaming development and integration on the blockchain. The Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) will allow developers to deploy game engines or virtual machines of their choice on Solana via a software development kit (SDK). It will also enable in-app transactions powered by HyperGrid, a core technology developed by Mirror World.

Solana gaming platforms can use HyperGrid to build their own on-ramps and DEX aggregators across chains for in-game interactions. The Mirror World SDK has been implemented by 50 game clients, with over 200,000 traffic and transaction engagements through three games during playing.

According to Mirror World CEO Chris Zhu, Sonic aims to process millions of requests per second per game and settle them back onto the Solana blockchain. The company has partnered with hundreds of Web3 games to assist in monetization and listing.

Another product from Mirror World is the Smart Marketplace SDK that allows developers to set up an NFT marketplace within their Dapp at $299/month with a monthly trading volume limit of $1 million.

Solana has become one of the top five blockchains by market cap, having gained 824% over the past year; however, until now gaming activity on it was less than Ethereum’s. But Solana is catching up, hitting $5bn all-time high sales in February alone.

The products offered by Sonic SVM and Mirror World aim at speeding up gaming development and adoption on Solana by availing payment infrastructure, user engagement and in-game transactions as tools that may potentially unlock blockchain’s potential in the sphere of gaming.

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