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Romance scams grow every year. This is how Tinder helps you identify these scams

Coinciding with World Romance Scam Prevention Day in the US, created by Advocating Against Romance Scammers, Tinder and Match Group launched a campaign to prevent online financial scams and toxic behavior.

Incibe shares a real-life case of an attempted scam on a user after visiting a sexual encounters website.

Tinder will use artificial intelligence to help you flirt (you will have a better chance of making a match)

In applications to find partners or dates, it is clear that the objective is to please that person you are looking for so much. Once you start a conversation with someone who seems special, there are always a multitude of topics to share— anecdotes, hobbies—and you even think that said person is perfect for you.

You always have to have good faith with people in any field, but in these types of applications where feelings emerge, emotional manipulation can cause so-called ‘romance scams’.

This type of fraud consists of the scammer or cybercriminal trying to create a sentimental atmosphere with the user who is looking for the ideal partner so that sooner or later they can obtain money from them for different reasons.

For this reason, coinciding with World Romance Scam Prevention Day in the US, created by Advocating Against Romance Scammers, Tinder and its parent company, Match Group, are launching a campaign to remind users of the application how to avoid scams. Online finance and toxic behaviors.

Cryptocurrencies and Love

Cryptocurrency fraud in the US is the most common in the country, with a total amounting to more than $3 billion. Added to this, adults have a higher percentage of reported romance scams, and those of young people are increasing every year.

This problem affects millions of people of all ages in the world, which is why this day was created to educate and raise awareness about these types of situations. With the launch of this campaign, Tinder will send in-app messages encouraging users to never send money or accept investing advice from someone they have never met or don’t know.

Actions to Prevent it

In recent years, Tinder, through Match Group, has implemented a series of measures to prevent and warn of this type of scam or fraud, such as the arrival of selfie verifications and video chat as well as sending messages with security tips if detected depending on the language of conversations.

Launched in 2012, Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people and has been downloaded more than 530 million times.

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