Scapesmania Coin - The Fuel of the Metaverse
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Scapesmania Coin – The Fuel of the Metaverse


Scapesmania is an exciting new metaverse platform that launched its own cryptocurrency in late 2022. The Scapesmania coin (SCA) will serve as the native currency of the Scapesmania virtual world. SCA aims to become a leading metaverse and gaming crypto asset.

Details of the SCA Cryptocurrency

The Scapesmania coin is an ERC-20 based token built on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 1 billion SCA will be minted, with 50% sold during the project’s initial coin offering (ICO). SCA will have numerous utility functions across the Scapesmania platform.

Key details of the SCA token include:

· Used for payments, rewards, and transactions in the metaverse

· Staking rewards to validate transactions

· Governance capabilities for platform decisions

· Transferable between users

· The ICO for SCA is planned for Q3 2022 at a launch price of $0.50 per coin. The coin will then be freely tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Use Cases within Scapesmania

As the native currency, SCA will have many use cases in the metaverse:

· Purchasing virtual assets like avatars, clothing, and buildings

· Unlocking premium content and features

· Rewards for user-generated content and gameplay

· Transaction fees for trades on the marketplace

· Staking for validation to earn rewards

· Voting in platform governance as a stakeholder

This wide utility makes SCA an essential part of participating in the Scapesmania metaverse. The coin ties directly into the platform’s thriving virtual economy.

Future Roadmap

The Scapesmania team has laid out plans to grow the platform and SCA ecosystem. Upcoming milestones include:

· 2022 Q4 – Launch governance portal to let SCA holders vote

· 2023 Q1 – Roll out SCA staking rewards for validation

· 2023 Q2 – Onboard marketplace partners to accept SCA

· 2023 Q3 – Integration with leading game engines

· 2024 – Launch Scapesmania VR version & mobile apps

Competitor Analysis

As a metaverse currency, SCA will compete with coins like Decentraland’s MANA, The Sandbox’s SAND, and Axie Infinity’s AXS. The vibrant ecosystem being built within Scapesmania gives SCA strong utility advantages.

Interoperability with other metaverse platforms in the future could make SCA a key hub currency. The staking and governance model also differentiates it from competitors.

Security and Compliance

Scapesmania utilizes crypto security best practices like cold storage and encryption. Smart contracts are audited and KYC checks are performed during ICO.

The team is working to comply with evolving metaverse and crypto regulations globally to operate legally.

Team and Advisors

Scapesmania was founded by veterans of the video game and VR industries. They are supported by a team of metaverse experts, crypto developers and advisors.

This combined experience makes them well-equipped to execute on the ambitious Scapesmania vision and continue innovating.


With its robust utility mechanics and broad use cases within a thriving metaverse, the Scapesmania coin has huge potential. Its upcoming launch, integrations and governance capabilities make it one of the most exciting new metaverse crypto projects out there. As the native fuel of the Scapesmania ecosystem, SCA is primed to become a leading digital currency of the open metaverse era.

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