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Beware of this sextortion scam: they impersonate the Civil Guard and claim to have explicit videos of the victims

-Cybercriminals explain to users who have been monitoring them for some time and who have images of them masturbating that they can be transferred to their contact list unless they send cryptocurrencies to a digital wallet.

Sextortion Scam: Civil Guard Impersonators Claim to Have Explicit Victim Videos

Like every year, when summer arrives, the number of sextortion cases increases. In previous years, we already echoed this in 20Bits. The latest fraudulent campaign by cybercriminals consists of impersonating the Civil Guard, Europol, or Interpol and ensuring that they have compromised images.

The cybersecurity company ESET, reports that the deception coincides with other types of sextortion scams:

  • They indicate that they have been spying on the alleged victim for some time and that they have obtained compromising images or videos.
  • They ask for money and threaten to spread the content to all contacts if you do not give in to blackmail.
  • They explain how they were able to access their device to spy.
  • They share a cryptocurrency wallet address to make the payment.

It is not necessary to clarify that the security forces and bodies do not send this type of message to citizens. However, ESET researchers believe that, when sent from a supposed email with a domain associated with an authority entity, users could give it more credibility.

The virtual currency wallet detected by ESET was created at the end of May. Since then, his history shows that he has received and withdrawn funds worth more than $3,200. That figure could not be related to the sextortion scam, especially since the last entry was made on June 25 and the criminal campaign began on the night of the 28th.

According to experts, this type of malicious message is not very common, but it does continue to occur, especially because it is an easy and cheap method of deceiving victims. “Although few people give in to blackmail, it is still beneficial for them,” they say in a statement.

However, there is another type of sextortion scam that is gaining prominence, and that is using images manipulated with artificial intelligence. Cybercriminals only need to have a photo of the victim’s face to retouch it and create an explicit photo in which it appears to be them.

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