Strategies to Follow for Crypto Success
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Strategies To Follow For Crypto Success As A Beginner Investor


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen massive growth in recent years. With the potential for high returns, crypto investing can be tempting for beginners. However, the volatile nature of the crypto market also comes with substantial risks. By educating yourself and following a strategic investment plan, you can make more informed decisions and set yourself up for investing success as a crypto beginner. This article outlines key tips for developing a crypto investment strategy as a new investor.

Do Your Research

Before buying any crypto assets, you must understand what you’re investing in. That starts with understanding the technology behind major cryptocurrencies and how they derive value. Take the time to read crypto whitepapers, research the leadership teams behind major coins, and learn the terminology of the crypto space.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the factors that impact crypto prices and market trends. Following crypto news sites, forums, influencers and analysts can help you grasp the volatility of the industry. Staying up-to-date on developments will allow you to make smarter investment choices.

Risk Management Strategies

Crypto investing comes with the risk of major losses. Volatility can cause the value of coins to slide significantly and quickly. As such, having risk management strategies is key, especially for beginners. Consider using dollar cost averaging, a strategy wherein you allot and invest a fixed amount at set intervals, regardless of asset price. This allows you to avoid investing all your capital at a peak price.

Setting stop losses can also minimize downside risk, allowing you to exit positions and cut losses before the full impact of major price dives. Beginners should be wary of irresponsible overleveraging when using futures contracts or margin trading. Avoid going all in, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and keep some assets in more stable stores of value.

Take Profits When Reasonable

Unlike buying and holding stocks indefinitely, cryptocurrencies tend to see more boom and bust cycles. As such, it makes sense to take profits on crypto investments whenever reasonable gains are made, especially in highly volatile bull market runs. This could mean selling a portion after 2x or 5x gains and allowing some holdings to continue running.

Studying historical price charts can provide a sense of peaks and valleys to consider for pricing exit points. Having a profit-taking plan accounting for both upside targets and downside protection helps realize returns while maintaining upside exposure. As a beginner, remaining disciplined around a strategy here is key rather than getting deluded by dreams of getting rich quickly.

Use Trusted Crypto Platforms

Exchanges and wallets carry major security risks in crypto investing. As a beginner, you’ll want to use the most reputable, secure, and regulated centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini to purchase and sell holdings. For storing holdings longer term, using cold storage hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger provides protection and peace of mind against hacks or technical issues on exchanges.

As crypto adoption grows, using platforms with strong track records for security and support is key to avoiding issues. Do due diligence around reviews and experiences before trusting any exchange or wallet provider to hold substantial investments.


As crypto adoption increases, more beginners will look to participate while seeking the right strategy to navigate risk and reward. By implementing best practices around conducting research, managing risk, diversifying, taking profits and more, new investors can thoughtfully access this asset class. While the learning curve is steep, crypto remains appealing as a speculative play and inflation hedge to balanced portfolios. As with any investing, working within your means and avoiding excess greed will serve you well in the crypto journey.

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