Hacking of Social Media Accounts
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The National Police report the hacking of social media accounts using the bait of investment in cryptocurrencies

-One of the methods to hack the account is to attract victims among the friends of a stolen account.

-Once they achieve it, they blackmail the owner of the profile to send a video with the money they have earned.


Understanding Hacking of Social Media Accounts

The National Police has warned of identity theft on social networks using the bait of investment in cryptocurrencies.

The account is hacked, leaving its user without access to it and remaining in the power of the hackers, who use it to publish photos of the profile owner advertising the amount of money he is earning thanks to cryptocurrencies, with phrases like this: “Investing 300 Euros, I have gotten 5,000 Euros”.

Usurpers usually use any ploy to get the victim to enter their email, password and even verification codes, taking total control of the account. For example, that friend needs help recovering her Instagram account and getting all this data while they think they are helping a friend.

Once they get it, they blackmail the owner of the profile so that he sends them a video in which he appears saying the amount of money he has earned with cryptocurrencies and, in exchange, they will give you back control of your Instagram account, a deal they never honour.

The stolen account is used in this way to promote fraudulent investment scams by publishing the high benefits that the user obtains by participating in these markets, as well as to try to trick friends of the stolen account into making money transfers or investing in a platform.

Police Council

The National Police recommends that if you receive a message from a friend offering to join a financial business that is bringing great benefits to you or with any other suspicious content, ignore this message, do not reply or follow any links, and contact your friend in another way to check if it is he who has voluntarily sent you that message and also communicates to you the existence of this message published from your account.

In case your account has been hacked, you must contact the platform to explain what happened in order to recover or delete it. If you have been a victim of fraud, it is advisable to inform the State Security Forces.

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