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They take advantage of Super Mario to distribute a Trojan that steals images and money

-This game is not an official Nintendo production; it can be found for free on unofficial game download websites and lacks security protections in place.

-They pay up to 18,000 euros for one-minute ‘deepfake’ videos.

-Why do some cybersecurity concepts choke us: what are ‘malware’, ‘phishing’, or ‘ransomware’?

Any gaming buff born in the 1980s might be well familiar with Super Mario, which has been one of the most popular and sought-after video games. This classic video game has captivated the hearts of millions of gamers all over the world due to the riveting experience it delivers due to some of its distinct features, for example, captivating visuals, impressive characters, and sensational music. Incidentally, this riveting classic video game has again started earning tremendous popularity and demand in recent times due to the incorporation of some innovative elements. Simply put, the Super Mario gaming franchise has introduced several innovative mechanics, power-ups, and levels across diverse titles and gaming consoles.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the popularity of Super Mario video games to spread a malicious program (Trojan) through a legitimate application to steal access to information about digital services and undermine the value of the Monero cryptocurrency.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is an adaptation of the original game released by Nintendo in 1988 for the SNES console, which can be enjoyed on both Android and iOS mobile devices and operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

It is not a Nintendo production

It must be said that this game is not an official Nintendo production. It can be found completely free on unofficial game download websites and lacks the security protections implemented in official stores such as the Microsoft Store or the Nintendo eShop.

That is, the cybersecurity company Cyble recommends those who have downloaded the game for Windows to check if their computer is infected with malware since a malicious campaign has been identified that takes advantage of the legitimate installer of this title to distribute a Trojan.

The fraudulent version of the game includes the game installer and two executable files that are installed in the AppData folder on the victim’s computer.

This is How Malware Works

  • These files steal information from the browser, capture images of the screen, and webcam, and begin to devalue the Monero cryptocurrency.
  • The Trojan hides from detection systems using a mirror that is saved in a hidden folder within the game.
  • In addition, it schedules a task to execute said copy every 15 minutes, appearing to be a legal process for deleting the original file. It also modifies the settings of antivirus systems to avoid detection.
  • If a security check is performed and the presence of malware is detected, it is recommended to remove it immediately and reset the credentials of the most sensitive digital services.
  • To prevent this, it is advisable to download games only from official stores and keep the operating system and applications installed on the computer updated.

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