Two robotic dogs will recover a hard drive with 172 million euros in Bitcoin
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Two robotic dogs will recover a hard drive with 172 million euros in Bitcoin

Boston Dynamics’ robotic dogs will carry roving CCTV cameras to scan trash.

James Howells, a computer engineer from Newport (United States), mined 7,500 Bitcoin several years ago, but the hard drive where he kept the fortune accidentally ended up in the trash in 2013.

Since then, he has continued looking for it because he currently has 172 million euros, however, they do not allow him to investigate the landfill to avoid possible environmental damage.

After losing his cryptocurrencies, Howlls believes he has a plan to get his Bitcoin back. The engineer tells Insider that he has invested 10.77 million euros in two ‘Spot’ robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics that will carry roaming closed-circuit television cameras to scan the garbage, thus identifying the hard drive.

The robots went on sale two years ago with a price of 72,976 euros. Likewise, Howlls will name the dogs ‘Satoshi’ (pseudonym of the people who created Bitcoin) and ‘Hal’ (the first recipient of a Bitcoin transaction). .

Howells points out that he developed the plan with the help of experts and secured financing through two venture capital investors. In addition, he hopes that the Newport City Council will give him approval to excavate the landfill and recover his fortune.

On the other hand, a spokesperson adds to Insider that “there is nothing Mr. Howells can present to us. His proposals pose a significant ecological risk, which we cannot accept and, in fact, our powers prevent us from considering it,”

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