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What are ‘zombie’ toothbrushes and what is true that three million of them carried out a massive cyber attack

-Three million smart toothbrushes were allegedly infected by a computer virus to launch a denial-of-service attack against a Swiss company.

Nearly three million electric toothbrushes were infected by malware and incorporated into a network of zombie devices to launch a DDoS attack (in Spanish, a distributed denial of service attack) against a Swiss company, generating millions of dollars. euros in losses.

This cyberattack occurs when a large number of electronic devices simultaneously try to access a website or service, exceeding its capacity to respond to requests and causing a crash due to such demand. Additionally, cybercriminals use this technique to run a zombie network of devices infected with a computer virus, even though they appear to be functioning normally.

Therefore, with this DDoS attack, the infection of the electric toothbrushes could have been due to vulnerability present in its Java-based operating system, which linked them to an automated network, also known as a botnet – that is, a set of bots – controlled by an external actor.

Likewise, these electronic devices, whose brand has not yet been revealed, could connect to the Internet to track users’ oral hygiene habits; although in reality, they ended up being part of an extensive botnet.

Is the cyberattack on electric toothbrushes real?

The answer is a resounding ‘ no ‘, because no company shared an official statement warning users of what happened and giving recommendations on how they could protect their privacy.

Furthermore, cybersecurity company Fortinet told ZDNet newspaper that this cyberattack had not happened: “To clarify, the topic of toothbrushes used for DDoS attacks was presented during an interview as an illustration of a certain type of attack, and is not based on research from Fortinet or FortiGuard Labs. It seems that, due to translations, the narrative on this topic has been stretched to the point where hypothetical and real scenarios become confused.

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