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What is The Metaverse? The Revolution That Facebook Wants to Immerse Us in Still Has a Way to Go

Metaverse Unveiled: Facebook’s Revolution Still Progressing

Starting December 1 of this year, Facebook will transform into Meta. With this name change, the company wants to make visible its new project of becoming a Metaverse.

Facebook announced last week that it would hire 10,000 people in Europe to run its metaverse. Yesterday, the new name of his company, which will be launched on December 1, finally came to light: Meta.

But what does this transformation mean in the company metaverse? The concept of the metaverse is quite recent. It is still in development, and many confuse it with an improved virtual reality (VR) version.

However, experts dare to compare the technological revolution that occurred after the first smartphones with what the metaverse would mean for virtual reality. That is, rather than referring to current VR, the term refers to the change that will occur in the world due to this type of technology.

The metaverse consists of a virtual world that will be accessed through a virtual reality viewer. Possibly, this ‘access’ will be through 3D avatars and will connect different digital environments.

The VR, as it is known today, is commonly used in video games. However, the idea of ​​the metaverse would apply to any type of activity, from work and video games to concerts or visits to the cinema.

Currently, technology companies have focused their attention on the future of the Internet, which everything indicates will be this metaverse concept. One of the major stakeholders is Facebook (the future Meta), which has made this project one of its main objectives.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has invested a lot of money in its Oculus virtual reality device. This device is cheaper than its competitors, but analysts estimate that this price could be causing more losses than gains and that it could be a strategy to reach more people.

Likewise, the company is developing virtual reality platforms to hold social meetings and serve as work tools.

However, Facebook recognizes that its metaverse project “will not be built overnight by a single company.” The company believes that it will take about 10 or 15 years to consolidate this concept.

Therefore, even though the brand is known for trying to buy or copy rival firms, they have committed to collaborating with the sector. Proof of this has been its recent investment of $50 million to fund non-profit organizations to “build the metaverse responsibly.”

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