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How to Get World ID – Your Key to Digital Identity

World ID is a unique digital identifier created when signing up for Worldcoin using iris scanning technology. An advanced camera maps the one-of-a-kind patterns in your irises to generate the ID while protecting privacy by not recording any visual images.

What is World ID?

World ID acts as a verified identification on the blockchain, unlocking access to Worldcoin services. Let’s explore how to get your own World ID.

Why Get a World ID?

There are several benefits to obtaining a World ID with Worldcoin:

  • Receive free crypto token airdrops upon signup and potential future airdrops
  • Pave the way for accessing other services relying on World ID verification
  • Participate in Worldcoin ecosystem growth through unique ID registration
  • Gain familiarity with innovative biometric ID systems
  • Help contribute iris data to Worldcoin’s AI research initiatives
  • Be part of the massive global rollout of the new blockchain identity standard

Risks and Considerations To be Considered While Getting World ID

While intriguing, pursuing a biometric blockchain ID has risks:

  • Privacy violation if iris data is misused or hacked
  • Excluding those unable or unwilling to provide eye scans
  • Reliance on a single private startup’s proprietary system
  • Limited usefulness currently outside of Worldcoin
  • Regulatory uncertainty around emerging technology
  • Always make informed personal calculations before providing biometric data.

Registering for Your World ID

If, after weighing the considerations, you wish to get a World ID, here is the process:

  • Locate Worldcoin Orb: Seek a Worldcoin Orb device location near you through their website map and schedule an appointment to scan your irises. Orbs may be found at local events or meetups.
  • Provide Phone Number: Supply your phone number so Worldcoin can send notifications about your ID registration.
  • Complete Eye Scans: Complete the brief 30-second iris scans with the Orb operator at your appointment. You’ll scan both eyes while looking at markers so the orb can map your irises.
  • Receive a World ID: Within minutes, you’ll receive a notification with your new unique World ID confirming successful registration with Worldcoin through iris recognition.
  • Save World ID: Be sure to write down and securely save your new World ID. This grants access to Worldcoin services tied to your identity on the blockchain.
  • Download App: Download the Worldcoin app to connect your ID, receive free token disbursements, and interface with the ecosystem.
  • Accept Airdrop: Accept your welcome airdrop offer of free Worldcoin tokens, which should automatically appear connected to your new ID!

Securing and Managing World ID

To safely manage your World ID:

  • Save copies in secure offline locations in case of loss
  • Enable two-factor authentication for any associated accounts
  • Closely guard login details and iris data
  • Routinely check your Worldcoin app and wallet for unauthorized access attempts
  • Contact Worldcoin support if you ever need ID recovery assistance

Getting your World ID opens up Worldcoin participation. Handle this access responsibly while exploring innovative self-sovereign identity frontiers.


Obtaining a World ID enables one to enter the ecosystem that Worldcoin is building at the intersection of cryptocurrency and biometrics. While intriguing, carefully weighing the risks and rewards of providing sensitive iris scans is advised before proceeding. If comfortable, registering your irises via the Orb device can unlock access to airdrops, app services, and potentially broader adoption if the initiative gains traction. But caution and wise data handling must accompany any foray into uncharted technological territory. Evaluate your situation, research thoroughly, and proceed deliberately if this novel but uncertain path aligns with your values. The choice is individual.

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