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Zuckerberg Shows Great Advances in Virtual Reality And its Metaverse

In an interview, Mark Zuckerberg tested the ‘Pixel Codec Avatars project using the Quest Pro virtual reality glasses to achieve a high level of naturalness.


Zuckerberg’s VR & Metaverse Triumphs

In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta to create a virtual environment where people can create avatars to interact with users and digital objects, in addition, on the same date mentioned, Mark Zuckerberg also announced the arrival of his metaverse called ‘Horizon Worlds’ to create a social world through virtual reality.

After two years and some improvements, in an interview with Lex Fridman – Russian-American YouTuber – Zuckerberg presents some quite realistic avatars for this digital universe.

With this demonstration, Zuckerberg wanted to test the ‘Pixel Codec Avatars project using the Quest Pro virtual reality glasses. In this way, the device analyzed the faces and gestures of both people to create realistic avatars in a matter of minutes. However, the technology entrepreneur did not say whether the avatars are rendered through the glasses themselves or a connected external computer.

On the other hand, the CEO of Meta assured that the company has developed a “computer model that replicates each of our faces, bodies and the different expressions we make” to achieve a high level of naturalness. He added that this innovation, in addition to being photorealistic, is also much more bandwidth efficient for transmitting an entire video, especially an immersive 3D video of a full scene.”

We Want to Reduce The Creation Process

The creation of these avatars requires many resources and a lot of time; however, Zuckerberg foresees a time when users can create these avatars with a mobile phone in a matter of minutes and without requiring much Internet connection.

Furthermore, this technology has at least three years left to be commercialized, but for now, Meta continues working to simplify the scanning process. The objective is to perform the scan by simply shaking the phone in front of your face for a couple of minutes, taking into account that, currently, the process takes several hours because the Quest Pro glasses are responsible for carrying out facial tracking and ocular.

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